How to avoid unwanted Pregnancy in Teenage girls

Theme: How to avoid unwanted Pregnancy in Teenage girls
Date: July 10th 2017
Location: Bonakanda(Buea)


MIVEG Foundation, in partnership with Beta Girls, indulged in a mission to empower the young girls of a rural area in the South West region of Cameroon called Bonakanda, on issues concerning premarital sex and unwanted pregnancy, on Saturday the 8th of July, under the patronage of the traditional ruler of the community; Chief Ndongo Emmanuel of Bonakanda.

The event took place at the Baptist Hall in Bonakanda. The guest speakers were;
-Pastor Kayeh Kelvin of Rhema Baptist Church Mile 16 who talked about the spiritual implications of premarital sex,
-Certified Health practitioner and midwife, Mrs Ojong, who talked to the girls on how to prevent premarital sex and unwanted pregnancies,
-Certified Nurse; Miss Nordil, who taught the girls to understand the female anatomy and how pregnancy occurs.
-Entrepreneur, women empowerment activist, CEO of Beta Girls; Clarisse Ndinge, who taught the girls on the consequences of unwanted pregnancy in a young girl’s life.

The event was titled ‘Save the Girl Child’ and this first edition’s theme was ‘Premarital sex and unwanted pregnancies.’ Subsequent editions are in the works, the goal is to educate the girl children in the rural areas on premarital sex and unwanted pregnancies so that the knowledge can protect them from it’s ills.

Miriam Motutu Co-founder of MIVEG Foundation
Clarisse Ndinge Founder of Beta Girls Organization
Mrs Ojong, Health Practitioner and Midwife
Miss Nordil, Nurse
Speakers on the high table, with the Chief of Bonakanda
Pastor Kayah Kelvin of Rhema Baptist Church, Mile 16
General Picture with the girls in attendance, the chief , the speakers, Beta Girls member and MIVEG foundation members
The girls in attendance interacting before start of event
Girls listening and taking down notes during the talk
Beta Girls Team