Beauty, Love, Relationships & sex

Theme: Beauty, Love, Relationships & sex
Date: 23rd February 2019
Locations: Douala, Cameroon

On Saturday the 23rd of February 2019, we held a #BetaGirlsTalk Event of Beauty, LOVE, Relationships and Sex. Our speakers were Vicky Fokala, Joan Ngomba, Imani Masuke and Henriette Nshan.

Here is a résumé of how it went down:

Our first speaker was Vicky Fokala, Founder of FG Touch; a makeup, beauty and Events company. She shared with us tips on how to achieve healthy skin, and she taught us how to achieve a regular makeup look. She made us understand that makeup is an enhancing tool. She advised us to take care of our skin first before thinking of applying makeup on it. She shared with us a simple skin care tip: Use a mint toothpaste and salt, scrub your face in circulation motion, for 1-2minutes and wash off.Do it 3 times a day, for about 3 weeks to have a smooth face. Before you sleep, after doing the wash, apply coconut oil or olive oil.

Our second speaker was Joan Ngomba, Founder of, TV content creator for dcodedtv show, MC and sex columnist. She shared with us tips on how to spice up our relationships with sex. She defined sex as an act of intimacy, and she gave us several tips on how to spice up our relationships with sex. Like sponteneity instead of being conservative, communication about sexual preferences, taking control in the bedroom, sexting(with caution) and several others…

Our third speaker was Imani Masuke, Founder of, Cameroon’s number one shopping site for hair. . . He shared with us tips on how to determine the right products for our hair, and how to access them at affordable rates. 

Our fourth speaker was Henriette Nshan , blogger, Motivational speaker/writer and Relationship Counselor. She shared with us tips on how to know if we are in the right relationship or not. She told us that the The hallmark in every relationship is satisfaction…How satisfied are you in a relationship?
She shared with us some red flags in relationships: If you don’t communicate with your partner, it doesn’t work..If he hides things from you, it doesn’t work…If you don’t do things together, it doesn’t work…If you don’t feel comfortable with each other, it doesn’t work…