Tuesday, 8 January 2019

"They offered to give me money after they Raped me" - Judith speaks out, after being Raped by two military men in Jakiri; North West Region, Cameroon

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The socio-economic degradation of numerous localities in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon is obvious, due to the pending Anglophone Crisis that has plagued the two regions since 2016.

One significant misfortune of this crisis is the negative impact it has on women and girls, especially as many of them have become victims of sexual assault.

We got information that a lady named Judith, who resides in Jakiri got Raped by two military men in her home, so we reached out to her via phone call to confirm the story and this is what she told us:

Yesterday in the morning she was in the kitchen when her neighbour rushed in to tell her the military was around, on their usual quest for pro-ambazonia fighters otherwise known as Amba Boys.

Before they could even find a hiding place, as they always do when the military is doing raids, two military men stormed her home.

Her few months old baby was lying on the chair in the parlour. Her neighbour too, was in the parlour. They met her in her kitchen. They asked her where the Amba Boys were located, she said she didn't know.

Her neighbour, the one who was in her home, on hearing the noise from the kitchen, took her baby from the chair and ran off to hide.

One of the military men started forcing her to succumb to his lust, with a gun pointed to her head. She pushed him, he then put the gun on the floor and took out a knife. He put it to her throat and threatened to slit it if she tried to resist him again. That was when she gave up.

He and his friend, forcefully had sex with her. After they finished, one of them took out his wallet, and asked her if he should pay her 5,000frs or 10,000frs. She did not respond. His other friend beckoned for them to go, that was how they left.

She said immediately after the rape incident, she was rushed to the local health center.

This happened yesterday January 7th 2019. Judith is one, among several women and girls who are have become victims of Rape, because of the ongoing crisis.

For information on how to support victims like Judith, feel free to email us: forbetagirls@gmail.com we would link you up with the ones we are in contact with.
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  1. Oh my God. What shameless pigs. They will meet their nemesis soon. Dear Judith please stay strong.