Tuesday, 22 January 2019

"I was advised "one of the ways" to contract HPV was sexual, I KNEW it was from my very sexually active promiscuous partner"- Cervical Cancer Survivor shares her experience

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One of our #BetaGirls has fought a victorious battle with Cervical Cancer, so we had a little chat with her about her experience with the condition, and this is what she told us:

1-How old are you?

2-How did you find out you had Cervical cancer? 

I was invited for a routine smear test back when I was 27, just after having my first baby which is very common for women here in the UK. And that's when they found the cancerous cells, and quickly invited me for a Cervical Biopsy.

3-What was your first reaction after you found out?

I was so angry, because even though I was advised "one of the ways" to contract HPV was sexual, I KNEW it was from my very sexually active promiscuous partner (then ex)

4-What did you do?

I looked at my newborn and drew strength from her. I then decided to go for treatment and counselling as suggested by my doctor.

5-What type of treatment did you undergo? 

I had a cervical biopsy, where part of the cervix (infected part) is cut off to prevent further spreading. 

6-How did you get healed of it?

After the cervical biopsy, I carried on going to clinic for another 6months, so the specialists could ensure I am healing internally as I should and that the cancer cells have not regenerated or spread further. I am due another smear test in a couple of months.

7-Advice to women all over the world

Read a lot. Talk to your doctor about these things, it may seem like it can never happen to you, but unfortunately for me, it crept to me while I was pregnant and could only begin treatment after birth. Go for constant check ups, use protection, and even in abstinence, still get yourself checked. Stay empowered beautiful people.

One of the important lessons we gather from her story is that it is important for us to get checked. Follow us on Twitter @betagirlsonline and join us on Friday January 25th from 7PM as we would be having a Tweet Chat with a medical doctor; Dr Christie Linonge, as she would tell us all about Cervical Cancer. There would be opportunities to ask her questions and receive appropriate responses during the Tweet Chat session 
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