Thursday, 6 December 2018

"After fighting and begging, he took out a knife to tear my clothes"- Rape Victim speaks out

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OK I got so depressed and so bitter against men when I got raped few years back. I went to visit this guy at about 3pm in the afternoon. He was my friend, but we weren't very close, that was my first time visiting him.

So when I got to his place, we started chatting and before I knew it, he came so close to kiss me.

When I resisted, he got up, locked the door. We fought, I screamed for help and the neighbors who were sitting outside ignored it.

Then I knew I was in serious trouble. He told me, nobody can come to my rescue.

After fighting and begging him for sometime, he took a knife to tear off my dress and I just imagined myself getting out of there naked, I thought I could not bear it, so I yielded and undressed.

He still used the knife to threaten me if I didn't stay calm and that's how he raped me and to cut the long story short, I couldn't study for my GCE advanced level which was in a month's time because of depression and the effect of anti retroviral drugs I was placed on.

Because after the incident, I immediately told my family, so they took me to the hospital where I was placed on Anti retroviral drugs in case of any HIV infection. That's what they do at the hospital.

They also used my medicals to report the guy to the authorities and he got locked up at the police station. His people bailed him, while waiting for the case to be taken up to court since he was refusing that he didn't rape me. He lied that I was his girlfriend and we just had normal consensual sex.

When he saw that the case was a serious one, he came begging and apologising. My pastor asked for my opinion and I said they should drop the case and let him go.

I forgave him...we never communicated again, but the scar is still there. He took away my virginity.

PS: The lady in the picture above is not the victim. The picture was used for demonstration.

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