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This is how to self examine yourself for #BreastCancer #IFeelMyself

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After Beta Girls Talk Event in Yaoundé

To round off our #IFeelMyself Breast Cancer Campaign, we held two events in Yaoundé and Douala simultaneously where we learnt about Breast Cancer and how to carry out self Examination for Breast Cancer.
Beta Girls Breast Cancer Talk Event in Yaounde
Group Selfie after talk

Dr Nkwetta Marion of Laquintinie Hospital educated the girls in Douala, meanwhile My Aconnue Yannick, of Z Cancer Foundation, educated the girls in Yaoundé.
Girls listening to talk in Douala
Dr Nkwetta Marion, educating
Group picture after the talk

This is a summary of what we learnt:

In lay man terms, Breast Cancer is the growth of abnormal cells in the breast.

Risk factors of Breast Cancer that can be modified are:

1- Alcohol: Women should not take more than 7 bottles of alcohol per day

2- Do more physical exercises

3- Eating habits: Eat more organic food

Risk factors that are unmodifiable:
-Hormone intake
-Late first pregnancy (having first pregnancy at 30+)
-Early menstruation and late menopause

Symptoms of #BreastCancer :
-Lumping of the breast
-Dimplying of the skin
-Pain in Breast and nipple
-Retraction(going inside) of the nipple
-Discharge of nipple
Girls Practicing how to do Self Examination

How to detect #BreastCancer through Screening. Techniques:

-Mammography(XRay of the breast)
-Breast Ultrasound

In Cameroon, Mammography cost ranges from 30,000frs to 55,000frs per screening

Due to the high cost of mammography in Africa, we adopt Clinical Breast Examination, where a trained health professional examines the breast physically to detect abnormalities.

Self examination:

Why do you do it?

To know your breast, so that if something changes you will notice.

-Do it twice every month
-Do it 4-6 days after the end of your menses
Girls practicing how to do self examination

How do you do it?

In 5 steps.

1-Stand infront of the mirror, take off your clothes , put your hands on ur hips, when your shoulders are raised, look at the size, the skin above and below, and the color of your breasts.

2-Raise your hands up, infront of the mirror, check for symmetry, and discharge on the nipple.

3- Still infront of the mirror, apply pressure on your nipple to see if there would be any discharge.

4-Lie down on a bed, put your right hand under your head, on a pillow, use the first three fingers of your left hand to feel your breast. Not the tips of ur fingers, but flatten ur fingers on ur breast.

You can feel your breast in circular motion, horizontal motion or vertical motion.

Then you feel your under arm as well, because any cancerous cells in that part of the body is considered as Breast Cancer.

All the motion starts from outward to inwards, clockwise or anti-clockwise round your breast. Then on the center.

Do same for the other breast.

5-Sit or stand, put one hand up and repeat step 4.
Girls practicing how to do self examination

Debunking Myths about Breast Cancer:

Wearing bras(with bone or without bone) has nothing to do with breast cancer.

Lactating/Breast feeding a baby, protects from #BreastCancer because when breast feeding, breast cells don't multiply.

The art of sucking the breast for sexual pleasure DOES NOT save from #BreastCancer
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