Monday, 29 October 2018

Beta Girls Organization sensitises girls in Cameroon about Breast Cancer in a viral campaign dubbed #IFeelMyself.

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Beta Girls Organization is a platform for girls to inspire other girls in all aspects of life, physically, through events called Beta Girls Talk Events, and online through Social Media and a blog(

It was founded in 2016, by Clarisse Ndinge, and since then, a community of over 6,000 girls has been created online via Social Media and they get educated  and empowered by inspirational, motivational, and educative content.

Also, over seven editions of Beta Girls Talk Events have held, educating girls on issues like premarital sex and unwanted pregnancy, Breast Cancer, Women and Entrepreneurship, Girls and Engineering, and Gender Based Violence against women.
Beta Girls diring #IFeelMyself Campaign

To commemorate this October, which is the Breast Cancer Awareness month, Beta Girls Organization, teamed with over 50 girls in Douala and Yaoundé to launch a viral online Campaign dubbed, #IFeelMyself

The volunteers took photos of them wearing pink T-shirts because pink has been attributed to the cause of Breast Cancer Awareness and their hands were on their left breasts because the left breast is 10% more susceptible to Breast Cancer than the right.

The message of the campaign, is that Self Examination of the Breasts is key to saving lives from Breast Cancer, because the earlier Breast Cancer gets detected, the easier it can be treated.

The campaign did not only end with the pictures, but two Beta Girls Talk Events were simultaneously held in Douala and Yaoundé, educating girls on Breast Cancer and how to practically carry out the self examination exercise.

In Douala, the girls were educated by Dr Nkwetta Marion of Laquintinie Hospital and in Yaoundé, they were educated by Mr Aconnue Yannick, founder of Z Cancer Foundation.

Click below to watch the campaign:

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