Wednesday, 5 September 2018

5 things to note before travelling to Ethiopia!

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Ethiopian Girl
Ethiopia is a country in the Southern Region of Africa with a very huge archaeological history.

The population of Ethiopia is over 102 Million. If you are planning on making a trip to Ethiopia, here are five things to note:

1- Money:

The Ethiopian currency is 'Ethiopian Birr.'
Change your money at your local airport to either USD, Euro, or Pounds. Those are the only three International currencies that can be exchanged in Ethiopia.

2- Religion

The population of Ethiopia is predominantly Christian. 63% of their population is made up of Christians and 34% is made up of Muslims.

3- Language

Amharic is the official language Ethiopians speak, but English is the most widely spoken foreign language because it is taught in schools.

4- Time

Ethiopia has it's own calendar, the Amharic Calendar. On September 11 2018, they would be entering January 2011.

5- Shopping:

You should buy leather accessories like shoes, bags, and purses. They produce high quality leather products- Fashion items, at very affordable prices.

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