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Here are 6 things Oprah Winfrey taught us about business:

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Here are 6 Things Oprah Winfrey taught us about business.

1. Find your calling.

Oprah said in her final show that every day she walked on stage she felt that she was exactly where she was supposed to be.  If you have no life plan, you are most likely following someone else’s agenda for your life. Live on purpose! Don’t be one of these entrepreneurs with an endless to do list, exhausted at the end of day— getting nowhere fast and not making any money. Oprah urged us to follow our own truth. God speaks to us though visions and dreams. Pay attention to what he is showing you about your destiny and build a business around that.

2. People show you who they are the first time. 

If a prospective customer approaches you, acting like an impossible nightmare, that is exactly who they are and how they will behave if you move forward in business. Do not allow your need for money or a contract force you to tolerate someone who does not value your professional expertise. You will never be paid enough money to make it worth it.

3. Oprah owned a broad niche. 

Oprah targeted a demographic that was women of all ages and income levels. She developed shows that would appeal to career women, working moms, stay-at-home mothers, grandmothers, retirees, high school and college students. And her audience was loyal because she helped them be better, live better, and find a correct fitting bra.

4. OWN your mistakes. 

In the wake of disappointing ratings at OWN, The Oprah Winfrey Network, Oprah’s latest venture in partnership with Discovery Networks, Oprah made a change at the top.  Network head Christina Norman, abruptly left the 4-month-old cable channel at the beginning of May. How many of us wait until it’s too late to make changes in our businesses? Evaluate what is going on in your business and do not be afraid to change course if you need to.

5. Know that you are worthy of success. 

Often times we know what we deserve, but the thing that keeps us from truly capturing it is internalizing that we are worthy of all God has for us in our lives and businesses.

6. Be willing to do what it takes. 

Oprah never missed a day of taping on her show in 25 years.  She knew that showing up was the most important element in her success equation. Are you willing to do all that it takes to make your business a success?

Written by Melinda Emerson
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