Tuesday, 19 December 2017

"The mistakes you deny, you are destined to repeat"- Adara Sheron

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You want to know what’s self care? It’s not your bubble bath with rose petals. It’s being honest with yourself and others about what needs to improve. One of the things that separates adults from children is responsibility.

Responsibility is not just paying bills, it is accountability for your actions and learning from those actions.
Our natural defense mechanism is to always be right but let’s be honest: we are not always right.
If we were, then we would not need a Savior.

We are not always right and the mature person realizes every moment is a teachable moment and a lesson to be retained. But see the problem is again, we are not honest with ourselves.

Being honest when you’ve been the person who made a mistake is really the best thing you can do for yourself for two reasons:

1) You are exercising maturity. Maturity is muscle. It grows as you grow.

2) The mistakes you deny, you are destined to repeat.

Learn from those tests and pass them without having to take multiple retests. Part of Self care is maturation through mistakes.

Written by Adara Sheron
Follow her on Instagram: @adarraa
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