Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Cameroonian Beauty Brands You Should Know About : SOLEZA COSMETICS

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As promised, we are still sharing with you all the amazing Cameroonian beauty brands. 

Taking off your makeup is such a stressful task for some people, especially when you are trying to use the wrong wipes or makeup remover that requires several swipes , plus a face washing in order to properly clean your face. 
So i found this amazing 2 in 1 makeup remover : removes your makeup and at the same time cleans your face and all with ease! "SOLEZA Eau Micellaire" by SOLEZA Cosmetics. 

Check out how great it is in the video below: 

Now the really amazing thing is it is very affordable... i mean... you need to  see the size of the bottle?! And also, it is pretty easy to lay hands on! 

In Douala
 Soleza products are available in supermarkets Arno, Kado, Santa Lucia, Belachat, Spar de l'atrium, Supermarket Mon Ami in Akwa, Vinny 1 and 2 in Akwa, supermarche Onashi, Supermarche Alica in Bonapriso, Planete Shops in Bali, la Baguette Française at Logpom, Parfumerie Sisi Secret, Parfumeries JP et Berlux at Bonamoussadi, Boulangerie Sawa in Bonaberi.

In Yaounde
Supermarkets (Arno, Dovv, Santa Lucia, Oumbe, Socopramac au marche du Mfoundi,...) , 
Pharmacie 2000 in Bastos, Pharmacie Moto Georges , Pharmacie Messa

Contact Information:

Facebook : @soleza.cosmetiques

IG : @solezacosmetics

Tel: +237 656128613 / +225 47595756

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