Wednesday, 9 August 2017

How to get rid of vaginal ordour!

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#BetaGirls are you are Experiencing vagina odour??
This is a way to get rid of it; buy enough garlic.
After your evening shower, peel one layer and insert it in your vagina, but not very deep. Remove it in the morning. Do it often.

Note : you can likewise chew it, then take a glass of water, every night.
Stop when you achieve your goal.

Garlic kills unhealthy bacteria in the vagina and also fights infections.

How to keep the vagina clean and also prevent it from smelling:
1. Wash your vagina with only clean water, no soap.
2. Stay pant-less while at home.
3. Drink much yoghurt as well,
4. Always eat pineapple, it makes the vagina to smell cool.

-Much intake of antibiotics is bad, as a lady, it kills the germs that protect your vagina and can also lead to watery vagina.
-Don't bend so low while peeing in public toilets
-Avoid washing your vagina with soap.
-Always wipe that place dry, after peeing.

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