Monday, 31 July 2017

Meet teenage Cameroonian girl; Tataw Rapha, who is motivating people via the internet!

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On the 18th July 2017, 17 years old Rapha Tataw launched her YouTube channel so she can inspire and motivate her peers. She wants to be a good example in her generation. She has also created a group on social media called 'Work Hard Stay Strong(WHSS)' which fosters the same purpose, spreading positivity and goodness.

"I started doing this because I love motivating people who feel like they don't belong to this world again and leading my generation to a right path and helping them change for the better because I realized that many of us go astray. My intentions are to raise awareness in this world mostly in my generation, lead them to to the right path , change people's lives ,help people find their way , advice them in all directions and motivate them in all directions."- Rapha told us.

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Click below to watch her first video:

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