Tuesday, 18 July 2017

"Ladies, just do anything else other than beat yourself up about your body."-Shelah Marie

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Life's too damn short to be worrying about some cellulite, stretch marks, a tummy that's not so flat, or boobs that have a natural hang. 
List of things I could be concerned with about instead: 
- I have I had enough water? 
- How's my credit? 
- Did I meditate today? 
- Have I watched the latest episode of Naked & Afraid? 
- Am I eating trash right now? (Sometimes that answer is yes just keeping it real) 
- Have I done my cardio?
- Did North Korea just start a nuclear war? 
- Who's going to be at @curvycurlyconscious? 
- Am I holding on to emotions that don't serve me? 
Shelah Marie

 Ladies, just do anything -- anything else other than beat yourself up about your body. I have gained back the weight I lost simply because I lack consistency in my eating and exercise habits. It's all good. Still look amazing and I can always snap back if I chose (life is always about the choices we make.) 
And for anyone thinking, "but her stomach is flat" or "what cellulite"? Just know I know how to pose and I know my angles lol. 
Shelah Marie

Written by Shelah Marie Founder of Curvy Curly Conscious
Follow her on Instagram: @theshelahmarie
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