Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Mrs Eurykah Fon gets traditional honorary title for her work as a community leader

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Mrs Eurykah Fon Ndumu, CEO of Asheries Event Planning and Design Services in Bowie Maryland was recently dressed in the "Njaap" as "Yaa Yefon" of Njirong. She was named by Fon Nganjo 2nd of Njirong, during the last Northwest Fons council  meeting which was hosted by Fon Nganjo.
The "Njaap" fabric is one of Cameroon's  most respected(also expensive) traditional fabrics.
You're either given the fabric or born with it. It's like a Traditional Medal.  No amount of money can be paid to afford it. See photos:

Mrs Eurykah Fon-Ndumu is a community leader, event planner, accomplished writer, and motivational speaker. Born in Cameroon, Central Africa and raised in the Greater Washington, DC area. Married to Ndifor Ndumu and they are parents of four children.

Mrs Eurykah Fon-Ndumu is a multi-faceted Entrepreneur. Owner of Asheris Events Planning and Design Services. This is an umbrella company that provides event production, event planning education, and world class event designs around the globe. Currently working out of the headquarters in Germantown, MD (www.aepds.com).

As a working wife and mother of four whose gift of words produce an implausible amount of life and empowerment, Eurykah decided to pilot a blog entitled “No Mami Pikin Left Behind.”
A West African pidgin phrase which translates to “mothers will not be left behind.”
The intention of the blog was to gift women with motivational written articles, address the obstacles of parenting in the modern world, and create a safe space for every woman and mother.

No Mami Pikin Left Behind has transitioned from a blog to a movement being witnessed by thousands of readers and participants. The goal is to promote a culture where women feel limitless while striving to become the best version of themselves. The conversation expanded from the blog when she founded "Mamipikin Talks"; an event that provides women with a safe space that is judgement free to have life changing and empowering conversations. This is an event that meets her core values and goals as well.

Eurykah’s heart lies not only in designing, coordinating, and producing events but more importantly, her goal is to ensure that every woman in her community and beyond is impacted positively to walk in their purpose. As a mother of four incredibly diverse children, several God children, Eurykah speaks from a point of experience, empathy, failure, success, love and determination.
At a Mamipikintalks event

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