Monday, 26 June 2017

"If you want to do something, Just Start"- Brandi Marsh

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Brandi Marsh, the CEO and Founder of Ebony And Pink Pearls; a Faith-Based Ministry for women of all ages, shares with us how she overcame her fear and went ahead to start a faith based ministry that empowers women:

"One of the most debilitating emotions that paralyzed me from starting Ebony Pink Pearls was FEAR!   I allowed fear of rejection, doubt and failure cloud my judgement and overtake me to believe that I should not start the vision God gave me. Okay! This is how the inner dialogue went in my head; “everybody is starting a ministry or business,” “who would care about what you have to say.” And I continued to let this conversation run through my head, Fear gripped me so bad, to the point that for two years I just sat on the vision and did absolutely nothing. 

But through much prayer and trust and belief in GOD to guide my path, this year, I took the LEAP of FAITH and decided to pursue my purpose and path!  

Ebony And Pink Pearls, is a Non-profit corporation that was established this year. The main focus and core values of Ebony And Pink Pearls is to empower women to walk in purpose, purity and prayer. 

I am very excited about this journey and look forward to more awesome opportunities. My advice to women that have a passion to do something, is "just start."  My mistake was thinking everything had to be packaged perfectly, and that’s what allowed fear and doubt to creep in my mind and hinder my progress. So, yes, just start!  Do not allow fear, failure, doubt, and the opinions of others to STOP you from pursing your purpose! And in all things, trust that God will always lead, guide and direct your path! I hope my words have inspired YOU to do something GREAT, I am excited to hear about it!"

Besides being a business owner, Brandi Marsh is currently an educator serving in her community as a college counselor. Follow her ministry on Instagram: @ebonyandpinkpearls to be inspired

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