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The different types of panties and how to use them!

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Some ladies wear the wrong undies and their outfits completely go wrong, either clothes are revealing to show their undies or buttocks are divided. There are different types of underwear you first need to know to help you choose for the right clothes.

Things you should not do while wearing your underwear

-You can't wear a white underwear under black chiffon or jersey fabrics
-Do not wear undies that would make your buttocks divide.
 -If you are buying underwear for a pair of white jeans/skirt/dress, buy a nude colour panties
 -Cotton lining and/or panties are great to wear as they help prevent odor, prevent infections, alleviate any itching, and they are naturally hypoallergenic.

Types of Under-wears 
 There are different styles and types of panties that are classified according to their sizes, heights and width. They should be worn with the appropriate clothe or fabric. These are the type of panties you should know before purchase.
You might already have these panties but don't know their names and functions.

1-Briefs: There are different categories of briefs. they are made close to the waist or slightly below the navel and have full coverage.
Classic brief panties - they look like the oldies pant. when you see them, first thing that comes to mind is 'my mama kinda' panties, lol. sometimes called granny panties. They are also called full brief panties and extend below the hips. Full coverage.
High-cut brief panties - also known as french cut, are narrower than the full brief.
Control brief panties - they are usually made  with spandex, a stretch fabric that is worn above the waist to give a slimmer appearance.

2.   Hipster panties: are worn low round the hips and are basically low rise panties in a boy short form. They are best worn with low pants, dresses, and skirts.

3.  Bikinis: they are just like the hipsters and sit on the waist. Bikini undies are mostly worn by today's women. They are also low rise with a thin waist band and semi-full rear coverage and not as concealing as the design of the brief.

4. Boyshorts are designed similar to men's under-wears, the boxer briefs and have short legs extending below the crotch making them extra fit for day to day wear and still a bit sexy.
 They are suitable for wearing under dresses and skirts.

5. Tangas: provide a moderate to minimal coverage with back coverage that is more than a thong but narrower than a bikini. And the waistband is reduced to a narrow strip at the sides.

6. Thongs: tangas and thongs are similar, but the rear coverage is cut away. The crotch is extended to the back of the wearer and a narrow strip of fabric fits between the buttocks, becoming wider towards the top. The difference between thong and g-string is the tiny line like a triangle that slides into the crotch.

7. G-strings: we can classify them under thongs as well in different styles like t-strings. They have vertical string at the back connecting crotch to waistband with a tiny triangle of fabric.
Panties are made of different materials and fabrics such as the, satin, silk, PVC, cotton, nylon, mesh, lace, rawhide, leather, latex, lycra, and polyester.

The Appropriate Panties For Your Clothes

Briefs: the least sexy yet comfortable for most dresses
Hipster Panties: They are best worn with low pants, dresses, and skirts.
Bikinis: can be worn for most jeans and shorts
Boyshorts: They are suitable for wearing under dresses and skirts.
Thong and tangas: never to be worn in a short flowing skirt or dress.
G-strings: good for jeans and skirts.

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