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Test and Increase your friend making skills!

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Most people realize that their ability to make and hold friends has a great deal to do with their success. Now and then, therefore, it is good to check up to see how you rate in your friend-making skill, and this simple test will tell you.

Place check mark in the proper column A, B or C, according to your honest answer to the questions. "A"  stands for  "seldom or never" ; "B"  stands for occasionally and "C" for "frequently or always". rate yourself, the consult the scoring key that follows.

                                                                                                                               A           B          C

1. Do you remember anniversaries or special days on which
 others like to be remembered?
2. Do you avoid the use of sarcasm or anything which will rub
others the wrong way?
3.Do you avoid saying things about others which you wouldn't
say in their presence?
4.When you make a promise, are you careful about living up to it?
5.Even in an argument, do you keep your temper under control?
6.If you like your friends possessions, do you tell him about it?
7.Do you pick out the good points in people and generally advertise
 them to others?
8.Are you patient and tolerant with people who do not agree with
your point of view?
9.Do you avoid arguments if possible?
10.Would you grant a favor, even if in so doing you would be
slightly inconvenienced?

If you have at least 5 check marks in "C" column, you are safe; if 5 or more in the "A" column you had better get busy and start working seriously at the job of making friends


Most of the good work in the world is done by people who have discovered themselves and their own unique abilities. You may not be able to offer your friends sumptuous suppers or "mink vests" but you can offer them the best of what you have. In just being yourself, you will draw others to you by the strength of your magnetism which has been set free from the shackles of pretence.

You will have others return from time to time to drink from your fountain of wisdom and wit and to dine at your table of sincere interest. You don`t have to wait until tomorrow when you can buy a new dress or get a larger apartment. The time is now! Check this list to see what you can do in the next five minutes to increase your friend-making skill.
  • Call a friend you haven't seen for "ages"
  • Call a a person you know has been disappointed or bereaved recently
  • Get a "thank you" "get well" "birthday" "remembrance" card in the mail
  • Ask a friend to help you with a project you know he will enjoy
  • Tell that acquaintance how much you appreciate her thoughtfulness
  • Make three by five file of cards listing your friends  
  1. Birthday
  2. Anniversary
  3. Favorite food
  4. Preference in Entertainment
  5. Hobbies 
  6. Things that you have done together that might be conversational material the next time you meet.
  • Try to make amends for any hard feelings that exist between yourself and someone else
Your friendliness may not always meet with positive response  and it is not important that everyone should always like you. It is important , however, that you cultivate the social habits that will put you in good stead upon every occasion. The following seven keys to popularity will serve as an excellent guide.

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