Friday, 19 May 2017

Possible reasons why some women don't experience orgasms!

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Have you never had an orgasm? If yes, well, you are not alone. Many people who have an active sex life have never had an orgasm. Heck, I never thought women could also have orgasms until after a very long time of indulging (about 3 years down the line). Anyways, here are some reasons why you haven't experienced an orgasm.
 ðŸ‘‰You are not mentally prepared for sex or for an orgasm. Some women already have the notion that orgasms are not for them, but for the male. Also some people are going through emotional trauma from past relationships and this restrains them from expressing themselves freely during intercourse.  ðŸ‘‰ You have not discovered your G spot or the particular position that let's you have an orgasm. Contrary to the conventional belief that the woman's G spot is the clitoris, women can have orgasms through deep vaginal penetration. .
👉 You are not enjoying sex (maybe you are just indulging because you are in a relationship and it kind of comes with the whole package or maybe you are not really into your partner) .
👉 Your partner has absolutely no idea what he is doing. Maybe you are not sexually compatible or you haven't discovered your bodies yet.
 ðŸ‘‰ You do not have enough foreplay before sex.
👉 You do not exercise your pelvic/vaginal muscles enough (kegel's exercise)
👉 You do not eat enough vagina friendly fruits and vegetables. You eat too much junk food
👉 You do not drink enough water.
👉 You drink too much alcohol
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~Written By Dr Kelechi Okoro~
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