Friday, 19 May 2017

How to carry handbags!

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Learning how to carry all types of handbags will enhance the picture with loveliness!
Each, bag because of its own particular size and shape, needs to be handled in its own unique way.

The Clutch bag: The most flattering line to the human figure is the diagonal. Therefore a "clutch" bag should be carried at the top with the arm straight and slightly in front of the thigh. The bag will slant down and in toward the center of the body

It could also be carried on the bottom edge with the bag resting on the palm, elbow bent and the hand held in front slightly below the waistline. The wrist is relaxed.

This type of bag may also be casually placed up by the shoulder with the palm up and the fingers away from the body. In this position, the bag will slant upward away from the body.

We usually think of a "clutch"  bag for evening and, indeed, it can be a veritable conversation piece. let it be beautiful and let its content be a delight to behold-jewelled comb, compact, perfume vial. Incidentally, this is the bag from which you may have a corner of your favourite lace hanky show

The "Medium" Bag with a handle: This type of bag is usually used for daytime street wear. It should be carried with the strap handle over the forearm. The bag rests against the flat front of the hip bone. The elbow of the arm is bent so that the forearm is just below the waistline. If you wish to secure the bag when walking through a crowd, you may do so in the following fashion:

Twist the handle forward that is on the outside of the forearm until you can take hold of the upper edge of the purse. If you try this, you will see that the side of the bag that was against the body is now facing out. The purse is under control and will be impervious to pick -pockets or purse snatchers.

The "Envelope" Bag: This is the larger version of the clutch bag. It must be carried over the forearm and should not be smashed against the body with the upper arm. Let the lower edge of the bag rest against the upward palm and the forearm. the forearm. The forearm is slightly below the waistline. A little practice will ensure you that the bag is being carried on a slightly diagonal line, pointing down and in. There are no variations for carrying this type of bag.

The "Tote" Bag: this is a large, carry-all type of bag resembling a suitcase. Consequently, it is carried at arms length in much the same way. This is the only bag that should be allowed to hang at the side of the body adding width and weight. Avoid it whenever possible. Smart travellers often carry a smaller bag within the "tote" bag so that they do not have to carry it everywhere with them.

The Shoulder Strap Bag:  Do you have a good reason to tote a tote bag?  Try avoid looking like a serf. This type of bag  should be avoided but if you must carry it place it behind the hip and hold it in place with the forearm.

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