Thursday, 13 April 2017

Social Media can never replace reality!

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Do not believe everything you see on social media. Their lives are not that perfect!

We always get the warning about not comparing ourselves to others based on their social media, but unfortunately we face greater danger from our very own social media lives than we do from others'.

We all get so absorbed trying to capture the perfect snap, the most appropriate Instagram post, the killer Facebook post; that we forget to actually live.

We spend more time putting up #bestfriendforlife #sistersforever than we do actually being there for these friends and family.

Growing up, we were taught that a friend was that person who had your back always... When did that translate to just another hashtag?

With the constant evolution in technology, we meet more people online than we actually do physically. Do these people know the real you? Can they identify with you in person as well as they do online?

The illusion that our social media image and our reality are mutually exclusive is an approach we have most unfortunately adopted.

We should always remember: the perception always has to match the reality. Balance is key.

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