Tuesday, 11 April 2017

How to know your complexion!

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Knowing your complexion will help you in the selection of cosmetic colors so that you can bring your natural good looks to their fullest bloom.

The techniques for make up application will soon be within your reach, in fact within your hand. This is your golden opportunity to be the conjurer of your beauty. It is said that `the perfect beauty is the woman who has learned to give the illusion of perfection`. She has achieved this by the subtle application of make up.

Select the shades for your makeup that will compliment your eyes, hair and skin, choose them so that they seem to be part of you and not something you have plastered on without rhyme or reason.

Complexion denotes the color of your skin, seven categories ranging from 'white'  through 'ebony' will classify the various complexions according to the predominating color tone.

White Complexion: has very little color and translucent quality like china. It is usually associated with blond hair

Cream Complexion: This is the peaches and cream complexion of story and song

Pink Complexion: Has more red than yellow and is often combined with red hair. if it is too pink it looks flushed. it has a florid complexion.

Golden Complexion: It is the so called `sallow`complexion. It has an over-abundance of yellow and varying amounts of brown. It may range from light to medium dark in value

Tan  Complexion: This skin is medium to dark in value. It has an abundance of red, yellow and especially brown

Olive Complexion: The cool looking skin that seems to have almost green undertones. it is usually combined with brown eyes and dark hair

Brown, Copper or Ebony Complexion: The underlying skin tome may be reddish, tan or copper

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