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How to know which type of fragrance to use!

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Perfume has a magic way of completing your personality and adding final dainty touch to your grooming.

What perfume to choose? That's easy; select only those that you really like.
Experiment by trying the samples at the toilet-goods counters. Put them on your skin so that you will know how they react with your body chemistry.
A first love in the bottle might turn out to be a lu-lu on your skin.
Buy small bottles and then use them. Don't save your perfume for some vague, special occasion.

There are three concentrations of perfume and you should learn to use them all:
  • Lightest is cologne, it is wonderful as an overall body rub. It can be sprayed on, or rubbed on in the form of a "stick". Those cooling fragrances are wonderful for warm weather.
  • Eau de toilette is stronger. Spray it on your lingerie or use it as a refresher on your throat area or palms
  • Finally there is the enchanting concentrate called perfume which is the most potent and lasting of all.

Christian Dior has said, "Femininity is inconceivable without the association of fragrance. When I recall a charming woman, her fragrance is an inseparable part of the memory."

So now which Fragrance is your type?

Flower Fragrance: This is the scent of one flower only, it is charming and appropriate in the spring and summer. Seems best suited to the "feminine" personality.

Bouquet Fragrance: These in general have a wearability thats hard to equal. They are year-rounders, never-failers and like pearls. Theres one blended, undoubtedly for you.

Woodsy Fragrance: Some of the most well-liked and best-selling perfumes are woods, leaves and grass blends. Wonderful for out-door, all-around good sport type.

Fruit Fragrance: Offers a sunny, ripe warmth. Its fascinating mixed with flowers, seems most appropriate on the "young matron" type

Spice Fragrance: Is intended to awaken the senses. It is sharp and clean-cut. Probably a favourite of several personality types for daytime wear. if anything it seems youthful and alive.

Oriental Fragrance: Not for children. It is sultry and clinging. Wonderful for after-five wear on the sophisticated, voluptuous and exotic type.

Modern Fragrance: Is concord of just the right ingredients to give it a special brand of "chic". Obviously, intended for the busy "modern" woman.

The best sense perfume can make is that it be worn when, where and on whom it will be appropriate and enchanting. Here are five suggestions:
  • Take lots of time in selecting the proper scent. Put it on your skin and wait for a few minutes to give your own skin chemistry a chance to react with the perfume , then you will be able to honestly judge.
  • Wear a single scent and carry it through from shower gel, deodorant  to cologne.
  • Change your perfume from daytime to date time. Some scents are too cloying for business wear.
  • Collect a wardrobe of scents to fit the mood, the season and the "types" you want to be.
  • Perfume evaporates, so once you have opened the bottle, use it or re-seal cap.

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