Friday, 17 March 2017

What is the Shape of your face? Here's how to discover!

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The best way to  discover the shape of your face is to be about 12 inches away from a mirror with a headband pulling your hair back, exposing the hairline with a direct look into the mirror.

Here are the different face types:

The Round Face: The face is usually broader in proportion to its length than the oval face.
It has a rounding hairline

The Square Face: The face is comparatively straight lines with a straight forehead hairline and a square jawline

The Oblong Face: This face too has fairly straight lines but it has greater length in proportion to its width than the square face.
It is long and narrow

The Diamond Face: This face has a narrow forehead combined with a narrow chin. 
This creates an appearance of too much width across the cheek bones

The Triangular Face: This is characterized by a jaw that is wider than the forehead

The Oval Face: This face is divided into equal thirds lengthwise. the first third is measured from the hairline to the point between the eye brows where they begin

The Heart-shaped Face: This face gets its name from the valentine heart shape. 
It has a wide forehead and a pointed narrow chin

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