Thursday, 30 March 2017

"We don't want 'good' men, we want Godly men, not everything 'good' is God"- Catherine

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I just wanted to encourage my sisters , if any of you are feeling weak or weary in your purity walk , don't give up ! 
I remember going through my fair share of frogs before finding a prince (the Disney movies are accurate y'all!) 
Guys would tell me that I'm gonna miss out on a good man because of my decision to wait (We don't want "good" men , we want Godly men, not everything good is God!). 
I had a guy try to shame me about my decision and debate about it like we were in speech class . 
I had a guy that was was so hype on pursuing me and he says to me, "so did you like want me to be celibate as well or can I just have sex with other people while we date ?" 😳 
Yea, that really happened ! 
I had a guy who was a whole sex addict try to facilitate a relationship me , trying to compromise "How far are you willing to go?"
 (What he needed was Jesus , not a relationship! Sex addiction is demonic. 
When your lust controls you and you can't control it, that's not normal. God gave us a spirit of self control. He needed deliverance). 
And these are the impostors you'll run into on your walk . 
I had to run into them to warn you. 
Don't fall for it sis ! 
Lead them to the Cross, not to your bed.
Don't compromise your purity , don't give up! 
There are still Godly men out here ! 

~Written by Catherine~
Instagram: @catherinewitac

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