Monday, 6 March 2017

"Rejection, is God's protection"- Real Talk Kim

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Rejection is not necessarily someone wanting out of your life, it's someone God needed out of your future. 
You've lost so much time wishing they would have just told you what you did wrong to make them leave. 
Nothing, rejection is God's protection. 
Nobody that left your life is connected to your destiny. 
What's meant to be will be. 
Sometimes you don't get closure you just move on. 
Pain only leaves when you get up and walk away from it. 
The one God has for you will be your escape and not your duty. 
They will push you to breakthroughs and not breakdowns. 
They will push you towards Christ and not away. 
They will love, honor and respect you. 
The one for you will make you laugh more than cry. 
The one for you will give you peace of mind and not keep your mind in pieces. 
You gotta let go of bozo to get Boaz. 
Gotta close the door on your past completely. 
Put a "do not disturb up on your heart."
Let God heal you and GET READY for your Happily Forever!!! 
You are worth it.. you deserve it!

Written by Real Talk Kim
Instagram: @realtalkkim 

(Disclaimer: We take no credit for the photo)
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