Monday, 20 March 2017

Items to have in your Make-Up bag!

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Are you progressing towards becoming a sorcerer in make up? But just as Aladdin had his lamp and ring, so you you need certain objects to work your magic. 😉 
Have you taken an inventory of your cosmetics to see whether or not you have everything necessary? Check this list again:


Foundation: Liquid, cake or medicated foundation can go.
  Liquid foundation is easy to apply, and may be used on dry skin if it has an oil base. It is not thick  enough to be used as a cover up

 Cream foundation is thicker in consistency than liquid. 
It has oil 'creamy' base and is excellent for  dry skin.

 Medicated foundation should be worn by the girl with skin blemishes. 
Under no circumstances should she be content to simply 'cover-up' her problem.

Powder: Loose powder is best for general application, if you  have a nice complexion you may not want to wear a powder. 
If however you have an oily complexion , you will want to cut the 'shine' with powder.  
Cake powder is most convenient to carry in a compact for touching up your make-up

Eyebrow Pencil: Whatever type you use, sharpen it to look like a screwdriver. The sharper the pencil the better the outcome of the eyebrow

Eyebrow Brush : This can as well be a clean mascara brush, it is used to brush the eyebrows into place and remove powder from the hairline

Eye-Shadow: Cream or powder, any that complements your color though cream shadow sometimes `run`but powder is more favourable as it is subtle and stays `put`

Eye Liner : Either a pencil or liquid one will do though the liquid one is quick drying and last longer but the pencil makes the look neater

Mascara: Make a choice between two types

 Cream mascara: is easy to use because it can be applied without water. However some people    complain because of its consistency.

 Cake Mascara: is mixed with water to apply as such it can be made thicker or thiner as desired
for example you can want your eyelashes to appear heavier at the outer corners and you accomplish this by using a thicker mascara.

Lipstick: You should have a 'wardrobe' of lipsticks. 
Regular lipstick has enough oil to keep your lips soft.
This is quite important as the lips have no oil glands of their own. 
Indelible lipstick (matte) is stay-on but it has a drying effect and should not be worn all the time

Lipstick Brush: Sable hairs are usually used in the better brushes. 
Don't settle for less than these...

Implements and Materials you need to apply Make-up

Eyelash curler: Use before you start your make-up application
Eyebrow Tweezers: The scissor-type with handles are easy to use
A very clean skin
A hair net
A cosmetic cape or towel over your shoulders
Facial Tissues
Cotton Balls
A stand-up mirror with a magnifying side

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