Thursday, 2 March 2017

Do you keep dating the 'wrong' guys?

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Instagram user: @Princedonnell wrote this truthful touching and sincere post:

Why does it always have to end like this? 
It's like watching the same movie over and over again and expecting a different ending each time. But it never does. 
Is this what love really is? 
A man who meets me, treats me like a Queen, sends me beautiful flowers and writes personal letters confessing his love & have my feelings wrapped tightly around the finger, just to switch it all up and all the sweet shit goes right down the drain after he gets what he wants from me. 
And I fall for it every time. 
How stupid of me to think this time would be different than before. 
It actually was different. 
Different promises leading to the same outcome. 
Is any man in this world serious about being in love with ONE WOMAN? 
For once, I just want to be THE ONE! 
I want a man to look at me and say, "that girl right there, she's the one I want to spend the rest of my life with." 
For once, I want a man to actually deliver on his promises through actions instead of empty words. For once, I want a man to say, "Baby, I think we should wait." Instead of expecting sex because he took me on a $100 dollar date. 
I want a man to look at me and know I'm worth far more than sex or money ever will be. 
I desire for a man to introduce me to his mother and tell her I'm the last woman he'll ever have her meet again. 
I mean, is that too much to ask? 
For once, I want a man to be MAN ENOUGH to do it the right way and drop to his knee as he proposes to me. 
A man who shows me what true love is...
I just want the ending to come out different than all the other times before...
Is that too much to ask? 😭

Beta Girl, if that girl above is you, then you should know this: 
You cannot keep doing the same thing and expect different results. 
You have control over your happiness. 
You have control over the people you let into your life. 
Take a break off the dating scene. 
Develop a sincere relationship with yourself. Build your confidence by working on yourself.
Forgive yourself off your past mistakes and believe in the best to come.
Make a list of your expectations in a relationship, work on being the type of person you want to attract to yourself.
Stop living in a fantasy and getting into relationships for the wrong reasons. 
All these guys treated you the same way because you let them to. 
You have the power to say 'No.'
You have to power to 'Let Go' and walk away.
Don't settle for less than your expectations.
If a man doesn't Love you the way you want to be Loved, then walk away.
You have the right to be happy, and while you are at it, know that your happiness does not depend on the love a man has for you, but on the love you have for yourself.
Beta Girl respect and Love yourself enough to let only the right men into your space.

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