Monday, 13 March 2017

How God blessed me with triplets after I lost one Fallopian tube and ruptured my womb!

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Ladies Haven shared this story of a Mrs Askia Akam Mehame, narrating this touching testimony:

In June 2014, a few weeks after her fiance; Derrick proposed, she found out that she was pregnant. Some more weeks later, she found out that the baby was not growing in her womb, she had a type of ectopic pregnancy, and as a result she had to undergo a surgery for the fetus to be removed. 
At the end of the surgery she lost her baby, one of her Fallopian tubes and a section of her womb.

7 months after, she and her fiance started trying for another baby. She found it very difficult to conceive. She went to the doctor, who gave her medications and pre-natal vitamins to help her get pregnant, but to no avail.

On December 19, 2015, she and her fiance; got married. She kept trusting God for the fruit of the womb, holding unto God's word in Exodus 23:26 which says "None shall be barren in your land and I will fulfill the number of your days"
They kept praying with that particular Bible verse.

She always spent new year's day in church, but on the new year's day of 2016(January 2016), she did something different. At the close of the service, she walked to the altar, went on her knees and asked God to bless her marriage with a baby. 

6 months later in June 2016, she found out that she was pregnant and the ultra sound revealed that she was carrying twins.
Later it was discovered that one of the embryos had split and she was carrying triplets.

Given the surgery she had had two years ago, the doctor advised her to undergo a procedure called selective reduction, to kill one or two of the babies; if not she would rupture her womb again, and loose the babies and maybe her life as well.

She said after praying for God to bless her with the fruit of the womb all these years, and finally getting pregnant, why should she kill any of the babies?
She said she and her husband kept praying and believing God. 
She stopped going to her Doctor because he kept insisting that she undergo the selective reduction.

Finally, as faithful as God is, she delivered her triplets safely after 32 weeks of pregnancy, without any complications.

The triplets are now 41 weeks old.
God's timing is the best! 
Her prayer to everyone is that whatever it is that you are praying for, may God give you double for your trouble.

Listen to her narrate the story in this video below, and please subscribe to 'Ladies Haven' on YouTube for more inspirational stories:

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