Friday, 3 March 2017

Are you always hungry? Here are possible reasons why!

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Always feeling hungry? Here are a few reasons why:
Your brain tricks your body to think that you are hungry for food meanwhile all you need is a glass of water or 2. So before you grab something to eat why not have some water to see if that takes care of the craving or not.

Lack of sleep:
Not getting enough sleep will cause the hormone "Leptin" to decrease while "Ghrelin" increases. Ghrelin stimulates hungry while Leptin inhibits hunger. Every adult should get at least 7hours of sleep per day so if you ain't getting enough sleep, this might be the reason why your appetite seems insatiable. 

Eating late at night:
 This will cause you to wake up in the morning feeling like you haven't eating in days. Your last meal should be at least 3 hours away from bed time and if you must eat, stay away from refined carbohydrates. Stock your fridge or pantry with healthy foods to help with your cravings, preferably wholesome foods, fruits and vegetables. 

➖Eating too much carbohydrates at a sitting:
When you eat too much carbohydrates at once, your body releases the hormone "insulin" to regulate the excess glucose thereby clearing up the glucose within a short time and leaving you craving for more food too soon. It is important to eat in right nutrients portions- Moderate helping of carbohydrate, a good portion of protein and a generous amount of non starchy vegetables.

Pre-menstrual Syndrome:
Some ladies tend to feel strangely hungrier in the second half of their cycle, about 7-14days before their next period due to hormonal changes. Do well to snack on healthy foods when the pangs of hunger attacks. 
Ladies, If all of the above are negative, then maybe your pregnancy test might be positive 😜〰 Healthertainer™ 

Written by Dr Kel
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