Thursday, 30 March 2017

10 year old girl; Amaya Diggins, creates Hijab Company for teens and tweens! #Bawsess

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Amaya is a 10 year old rising entrepreneur! She recently started a new hijab company called Hijabi Fits, that creates hijabs specifically for teens and tweens. When Amaya started wearing hijab last summer, her mother bought her some new scarves but Amaya didn’t like any of them. She felt that they were too big, too long, too heavy, or too stuffy because they were made for adult heads. In addition, she thought the colors and designs were too mature for her age. Instead of settling, Amaya ambitiously decided to make and wear her own scarves. From there, her company, Hijabi Fits, was born!

Amaya takes being an entrepreneur very seriously, and has been actively engaged in every aspect of the company. She chose the scarf material (jersey), gave her input for the measurements (Hijabi Fits offers two hijab sizes), and formed a vision for the upcoming photoshoots. She chose the name of the company, and took part in designing the logo. Amaya also chose and named the 6 scarf colors her company now offers: plum, cotton candy, cherry, tangerine, sea green, and bubble gum.                
Currently, Amaya is trying to raise $20,000 through Hijabi Fits’ LaunchGood campaign in order to grow her business by adding inventory and setting up a website. She hopes to eventually expand and start designing and selling modest clothing for young Muslim girls.
A 10 year old Muslim girl starting a company no doubt attracts attention. Within just one week of Amaya’s LaunchGood campaign start, she was interviewed by five local news outlets, and was named “Power Girl” by South Jersey Magazine for their upcoming issue.

To Amaya, the hijab is a blessing from Allah (S). She feels that by wearing hijab, she can be both modest and respected, and loves that wearing it makes her feel part of a universal Muslim family. When asked what she hopes her new company will do for young Muslim girls, Amaya responded, “I want young Muslimahs to know that they can look stylish and pretty in hijab. I want them to know that Hijabi Fits is a company started just for them, and that it will be a fun brand that they can be proud of.” She continued with a message for all the young Muslim girls aspiring to wear hijab, saying, “Own your identity and Allah (S) will reward you, even if it is hard!”
Amaya is an absolute an inspiration for all Muslim girls, mashallah! She shows us that it is never too early to start working towards your dreams, even if that means starting a company at the age of 10. Her love for hijab, confidence, strength, and bravery are all a testament to her faith. She has a clear and focused goal to help young Muslim girls and she will do big things, inshallah!

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