Sunday, 19 February 2017

God answers prayers, sometimes, the answer is "No"

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This one time, I met this guy and he was physically all I wanted in a man, but in behavior- Zero. 
But I badly wanted it to work and for the first time I prayed to God about my relationship. 
Funny thing is, the moment I started praying the relationship got worse. 😱 
Every other day came with revelations of his true character, I mean, I had seen some of them, but I overlooked them or just acted like it was something I could live with. 
Things just kept getting bad, I was distracted in school, I couldn't concentrate. 
We all talk about Physical abuse from partners, but I tell you, emotional abuse can tear you apart. 
At one point I thought- "na wa o, I shouldn't have even brought God into this, now everything is crumbling."
To cut the long story short, I eventually summoned up courage to walk away. 
Best decision. 
I healed, and months later I realized it was God's talking. 
I had dodged a silver bullet. 
This other time, I prayed to serve in Lagos. 
So badly wanted to serve in Lagos cause I felt it would be better for my brand, I'll get more gigs, networking, TV/radio features etc, and also, the social life.
Then I got my call up letter; NYSC Orientation Camp, Kogi state. 
I am like "what? Kogi what?"
I had the power to redeploy, but my mentors and few friends I confided in advised me to just stay back and see what happens. 
The 9months I have spent in Kogi are officially the best times of my life. 
The contacts I have made, the friends I have met, my small business is flourishing, 
the impact I have made, capacity building, the things I have learnt and still learning, 
the person I have become. 
The only thing I miss about Lagos is the social life but the life I have adopted here is totally worth it. In such a short time, I have grown in ways I didn't imagine.
Know this, God answers prayers and sometimes, the answer is NO!

Written by #BetaGirl Dr. Kel
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