Sunday, 12 February 2017

Tips of what to get for your man on Valentines Day!

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Hey Beta Girls! 
So Valentines day this year is unto us, y'all know we had to do a little something to help each other out right? 😜
So we reached out to a vast group of guys, adults, from different walks of life and asked them what they would like their girlfriends/wives to give them for Valentines day
Here, below, is a compilation of their responses:

-A great smile with love
-The password to her phone for one day
-Dinner at a nice restaurant
-Deep sweet love making all night
-Sex, crazier than usual
-A canon camera with a good lense
-A shirt
-A very hot wet erotic blow job
-Candle-light dinner
-A watch
-Good sex, reverse cow-girl
-A small handwritten note that I can keep
-Range Rover
-Pair of shoes
-Good sex
-A kiss
-Hardest sex
-Incredible sex, she should come up with a new idea in bed
-A red car
-A trip
-Agree to be commited in the relationship with a focus on a future for the relationship
-A walk on the beach
-A snap back-cap
-Sustainable sex
-Nice dinner, fine wine and watch a movie
-Watch a play
-An ipad
-Wild memorable sex
-A smartphone
-An outing/trip to somewhere quiet
-A list of precise goals for the relationship we gon respect to better our next year concerning any issues to work on
-Designer shades
-Her father's landtitle
-Let's make a baby
-Walk and dinner on the beach
-Something that I can see for months or years.
-A lovely text message or email

We are sure among these, y'all can find out how to make Valentines day special for bae💗💗
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