Wednesday, 15 February 2017

How to make Soy(Soya Beans) Yogurt! #Recipe

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Hey Beta Girls, so here is how to make your own Soy(Soya Beans) Yogurt at home: 

-3 cups of soybeans,
-9 cups of water for boiling.
-1 cup of yorgurt

❤ Soak the soy(a) beans in water for 10 minutes to make it easy for the skin to be peeled off.
❤Peel the beans by lightly scrubbing it over a grater our with your hands 
❤Rinse till its clean.
❤Grind/blend Soy(a) beans into a smooth paste. 
❤Pour in water (9 cups) mix well, then boil for 30 minute. 
❤After boiling, extract the milk with a sieve and throw away the chaff.
❤Allow the soybeans milk to cool off.
❤Pour the milk into a flask or any airtight container.
❤Now add in the yogurt and flavor (at this point, please don't stir the milk) and close the flask.
❤Allow to ferment for 8 hours. 
❤Sieve the fermented milk again to make it smooth. 
❤Add sugar to your taste, then refrigerate. 
❤Serve with any snack of your choice. 

Written by #BetaGirl --Tamanjong Yolande
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