Tuesday, 21 February 2017

10 Wrong Reasons Why People Marry! #Marriage

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Don’t say "yes" because he is fine,
Don’t say "yes" because he has money,
Don’t say "yes" because your friends said so'
Marry, because it is right.

Don’t marry because you are getting old,
Don’t marry because your friends are getting married,
Don’t marry because you have a child/children for him,
Don’t marry because of pity,
Don’t marry because you want to compete,
Don’t marry because he promised you a glamorous wedding,
Don’t marry because you want to prove a point to some people,
Marry for the right reasons.

Say "yes" because you love him,
Say "yes" because you are wiling to live with his flaws and strengths,
Say "yes" because he is your best friend,
Say "yes" because you want to spend the rest of your life with him,

Marry him because he makes you happy,
Marry him because you believe in him and in your future together,
Marry him because God said so.

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