Monday, 27 February 2017

How to get your kids to stop sucking their thumbs!

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Thumb sucking is a soothing activity children adopt whilst growing up. 
It is their comfort zone and as time goes on and they begin to learn other activities, they tend to drop this attitude. 
However, some children keep sucking their thumb past preschool age. 
Don't be insensitive or brash with your methods of curbing this habit. 
There are better ways to help your child get out of that comfort zone:

 πŸ”˜ Don't be confrontational. Explain to them why they shouldn't suck their thumb and assure them that you can help them stop. 
πŸ”˜ Help them stop gradually. You can ask them not to thumb suck in public except at home or during bedtime. When they are able to curb it in public, proceed to curbing thumb sucking at home. 
πŸ”˜ Whenever they do not thumb suck. Praise them. Congratulate them and encourage them to have more "thumb sucking free" episodes. 
πŸ”˜Use the reward system. For every time they do not suck the thumb, reward them with something they love.
 πŸ”˜ Engage them with fun tasks that involves moving around and usage of the hands to reduce the chance of having them unoccupied and gloomy, ergo the need to stick thumb into mouth 
πŸ”˜ Do not use gloves or barrier methods. It keeps the child anxious and increases craving for thumb sucking. It might work in the interim but they have a tendency to return to thumb sucking when it is convenient. 
πŸ”˜The truth is, no child will keep sucking till they are adults. Naturally, they would grow to understand that sucking is not normal for their age. I mean, the looks your class mates would give you will leave you feeling like a "looser". So, sometimes, it is best to let them be. It would eventually go away. 
Do you know any other tips to curb thumb sucking? 
Kindly share below.

Written by #BetaGirl Dr. Kel 

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