Friday, 2 December 2016

"Part of self Love is having higher standards for your inner circle"- Tonto Dikeh-Churchill

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Nigerian actress; Tonto Dikeh-Churchill shared an amazing inspiring post on her Instagram page and of course, since its inspiring and motivational we care to share. She posted:

"Surround your self with people who lift you Up. Part of self Love is having higher standards for your inner circle... Our time in this form on this earth is limited. Your life is yours to experience, to share and give. So who are you going to spend yours with? Your shared memories will become your memoirs and the stories of others. My advice to you is this... When writing the story of your life, don't let others hold the pen, don't let others slow you down or control your living, because your time is all you have and if they don't love and respect you then why do you keep giving... Everyday create a story worth living, one that makes you happy, one that affects others positively, stand up for what your soul tells you is worth fighting for, you are going to die one day anyway, so live and die for something worth dying for. Love yourself deeply and others who love you will come into your life and stay. Make sure that everyone in your boat is rowing, not drilling holes while you aren't looking. Personally I share my time with artists, who paint stories more beautiful than any picture could ever show, I let them hold the brush as I pull tight the canvas, when it is my turn I make sure I pour and paint as much love into their lives as they leave in mine. I think of many people daily and they think of me in turn, but the only ones who I allow to share my life, are the ones who love me, with no ulterior motives, no strings, just those who shine so brightly that I can see my way out of the dark. #chkbars #pokobars #have A LOVELY WEEK"

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