Monday, 19 December 2016

In 2017...

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We are getting so close to the New Year and saying goodbye to this present year. Do you know your worth? For me, in 2017...

I know what I want.
I recognize and value my worth.
All the men before you thought me to love and cherish the “unwanted” parts of me.
Your predecessors were all lessons that I carefully jot down in my journal.
They will serve as navigators and proof that I can overcome any man.
All the men before showed me my worth.
My value cannot be counted in money, diamonds or gold.
I’m greater than that.
No currency: naira, dollar, cedi, CFA or euro will ever get you my love.
My value is mine and no one else’s. Do not attempt to compare or understand.
It’s something you, if given the privilege of having….You should cherish.
I am someone you uplift, respect, cherish and brag about.
I am someone whose loyalty knows no bounds.
I am the embodiment of love.
To love me is to love you.
I strive to be in union with all the parts of me that make me unique.
I choose peace and serenity within my being.
I refuse to tolerate any instability in my peaceful sanctuary.
I use to welcome everyone but experience has thought me to seek only a chosen few.
Once again my love is not for sale.

To those who understand…. all are welcome.
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