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"I refuse to spend time on things that do not benefit me mentally"--Cynthia Tabe

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Cynthia Tabe is one of those leading Cameroonian female entrepreneurs. She has been very much involved in the Cameroonian entertainment and fashion scene.

She created dulcecamer.blogspot.co.uk , modemaisonpr.com, Wardrobe(a physical retail shop), and Vault Magazine.

So, we had a little chat with her to get to know her better, learn and be inspired from her journey so far. This is what she told us:

How would you explain your childhood? What spectacular aspects of your upbringing influenced your entrepreneurial drive? 

My childhood was mixed; there were moments of sadness as well as moments of joy.  I very much grew up an introvert which meant I spent a lot of time thinking, calculating, planning within myself.

How was your personality like, growing up? Were you always competitive? Nerdy? Eager to learn? Focused?  

I would say 'yes' I have always been competitive but not in competition with anyone but myself.  The fact that I grew up an introvert meant I was extremely focused and determined, obsessive with details, an observer as well as a results driven person.

What did you study, and where? 

I studied modern languages at the University of Manchester in the north of England.

Did you choose your field of study? Or was it your parent’s influence. If you chose it, why did you choose that particular field of study? 

I did not really know what to study at University, however at home, my mother recognized that I was particularly great at languages and she encouraged me to take it seriously. So I took up Spanish while I was studying A’ Levels and had a great result and therefore decided to study joint languages – French and Spanish - at University.

Dulce Camer is one of the first Camer Anglophone blogs that existed. What inspired the creation of Dulce Camer?

Dulce Camer was inspired back in 2008 by Bella Naija blog. At that time online was becoming the 'in thing' and I used to visit Bella Naija like every day for my daily dose of what was going on with Nigerians/Africans in general. When I searched to read about similar happenings around Cameroonians, I did not come across anything interesting and current so I decided to create the platform I was looking for and Dulce Camer was born!

As a Dulce Camer fan, lately the blog seems neglected, what are your long-term plans for Dulce Camer?

To be honest, I am unsure about the plans I have for Dulce Camer because it is not easy blogging and also taking care of my other commitments. I am very particular about the content and the style of writing and it has not been easy to find contributors who can maintain it while I focus elsewhere so unfortunately, blogging for now is only when I have the spare time 😢 however, our Facebook Page www.facebook.com/DulceCamer is kept more updated so check us out there!

You created ModeMaison PR, a lifestyle and Public relations hub, which offers Public Relations services and offers consulting and social media awareness on the importance of public relations. What inspired the creation of ModeMaison PR

I have a passion for embellishing; be it people, things, projects etc my passion is to make others shine and sell their better self – I am a life stylist lol! From creating Dulce Camer, I knew promotion and communication was what I was great at so ModeMaison PR was the natural next step which allowed me to work directly with certain individuals and brands.

One of ModeMaison PR’s clients is Cameroonian superstar rapper; Stanley Enow. How is it like working with a successful artiste like him? 

Stanley Enow knows the business! He is soooo aware of Public Relations that as far as I am concerned he is the only client so far who really has made my job easy lol! He is very down to earth, questions and listens to advise and he is very much into his message of projecting positivity into the youths in Cameroon and beyond.

You also have a fashion and beauty retail shop in Douala,called 'Wardrobe' and we know you are not based in Cameroon, permanently. How do you succeed to manage the shop from a distance? 

It has been very difficult without a doubt…pheeewww!!! I am currently working on having this online only, as I would like to be totally hands on with it.

Your digital magazine, Vault, has had over 3 editions online already. From your experience, how receptive are Cameroonians to digital content like magazines? 

Cameroonians are on the top 3 list of readers on each edition. Internet connection permitting, and with great content and visuals, I believe Cameroonians will read it and especially if it features someone whom they know from their circle.

As a woman who has succeeded to get her hands on different businesses that are succeeding, describe how you feel when you have an idea and what moves you make towards materializing them? 

Well, I am still working toward taking my projects to the level I want them to be; this is a daily strife. However, once I have an idea all written down on paper with steps on what I need to do to launch it, part of me gets excited however the other part is well aware of the amount of work that is in store *laughs*

How do you succeed to balance your businesses, and your personal life? Do you have particular habits that you have nurtured to help you manage your time?

Oh yes, the key word here is 'balance' and to achieve that you must be focused on the things you have set out for yourself. I refuse to spend time on things that do not benefit me mentally – for example gossiping or backbiting. My time is very valuable so I refrain from jumping into each and every partnership presented to me. I have key messages which I believe I was put on this Earth to share so I only focus on those.

What is the success quote or mantra that you live by?

Success is a state of mind and to each their own understanding of success however success to me is waking up each day healthy and having an opportunity to do something.

What advice would you give to any young girl who wants to start a successful business? 

Business is not for everybody, however if you still want to start one I would advise to ensure you have the right qualities – time management, self-motivation, determination, creativity, an in-depth knowledge of your business field, the challenges and the target market, as well as have enough financial resources for at least the next 2-5 years.

What is your opinion on the statement: “Successful women cause men to flee and hence find it hard to get married?”

LOL!! The majority of men do not like an independent woman…!

What are your top 5 entrepreneurial goals? 

1. Challenge the status quo; that is; do things differently 
2. Impact a life / lives
3. Seek out like minded individuals
4. Make time for personal growth and learning
5. Remember what you stand for and what truly matters

Keep up with Cynthia on social media: 
Twitter- @brownschuga
Instagram- @brownschuga

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