Monday, 19 December 2016

How to protect your vagina!

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1-You will think when you start perceiving an odor in your vagina, you should use a spray or intavaginal hygiene products. No, it won't help. Say NO to douching, because using them puts you at risk of infections and pelvic inflammatory diseases. Douching can harm the vagina's PH levels, weakening its acidity and making a great environment for bacterial contamination.

2-Be mindful of the type of soap you use. Soap can be really drying to the sensitive skin around your vulva, and you really only need to rinse with warm water to keep things clean down there. But if you just don't feel right about going soap-free, stick with a plain, gentle, unscented soap.

3-Practice safe sex:
You know that rubbers(condoms) are great at protecting against STDs and pregnancy, but studies found that using condoms also helps keep your vagina’s PH level at the status quo, so good bacteria, like lactobacilli, can survive in there. And this is super important since those little bacteria help prevent yeast infections, UTIs, and bacterial vaginosis.
If you practice anal sex, make sure to change condom before moving from anal to vaginal sex, for it exposes your vagina to a host of bacteria which can cause infections.

4-Make sure to treat infections when they arise
There are three basic types of vaginal disease: bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis and yeast infections. Yeast infections are caused by some sorts of organisms , bacteria vaginosis is caused by extra bacteria in the vagina and trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease. Following up the treatment of these diseases and others that arise, is very important if not hurtful, painful conceptive problems may arise.

5-Always consult a gynecologist
Going on regular check up is very important for keeping your vagina healthy. It is advicable for every woman to get tested by the age 21, or within three years of being sexually active.

6-Its good to have just cotton pants
When it comes to your underwear selection, your vagina has a preference: cotton. That's why most underwear comes with a thin strip of cotton fabric in the crotch. Since it breathes and absorbs moisture, it's the ideal way to clothe your lady parts. When you're laying around the house, feel free to go naked so you can let things air out.

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