Monday, 19 December 2016

How to make glossy lipstick look matte!

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Glossy lipstick turned matte

It is not only by using a matte lip stick that you can wear a matte look. Here is a tip on how to achieve a matte lip from a glossy lipstick:

-Before applying the lip stick, you moisturize your lips so they be well exfoliated by rubbing vaseline or lip gloss on it, then subsequently, you also touch foundation on your lips

-Neatly apply the lipstick on your lips

-Use white powder foundation or baby powder on the applied lipstick on your lips.

-Pat enough of the powder over the glossy lip color using your finger.

-Blend it with your mouth and finger

-Brush out the excess wit a flushy brush.

-There you go! Your self made matte lipstick is on point. Thank me later! 

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