Thursday, 1 December 2016

Did you know that girls are particularly at a higher risk of getting HIV/AIDS?

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"This epidemic[HIV/AIDS] unfortunately remains an epidemic of women." - Michel Sidibé, Executive Director of UNAIDS 

According to statistics from 2013, girls from 15-24 years old accounted for 60% of the new HIV infections among young people, with 80% of these young girls living in sub-saharan Africa.

These are some reasons why women are at a particularly high risk of getting infected with HIV than men:

1-Rape and intimate partner violence.
Girls who are raped and abused by their lovers, boyfriends and husbands, don't have a chance to protect themselves.

Also, according to a research carried out in India, abusive husbands were more likely to be infected with HIV than non-abusive husbands. So they tend to infect their wives who don't get a chance to protect themselves since they forcefully have intercourse with them.

In many cultures, especially in sub-saharan Africa, women are taught to be loyal, faithful and tolerant of abusive and cheating husbands, who are in turn encouraged to have unprotected extra-marital sex for reasons like child conception, polygamy and others.

-Lack of education
Unfortunately in many areas, many girls don't have access to education in general and education on HIV in particular, so they don't know how to protect themselves from the virus.

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