Monday, 12 December 2016

"...a man needs a job before he gets a woman"- Myles Monroe

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One of our Beta Girls, Deliah Anc, shared this amazing post with us on Facebook, and it's inspiring, so we are sharing! It was written by the late pastor Myles Monroe. Read, learn and be inspired:

If you come to me WITHOUT GOD'S PRESENCE at first. DON'T EVEN TRY...

Ladies and Gentlemen, This post is not for everybody. It's for people who wish to get understanding.
Listen to this, often times we misplace our priorities when searching for a partner. I want to open our eyes to something using the Bible. 

When you take a look at the first marriage in history, Gen 2:24... After God made man, he put him in the Garden of Eden, the word "Eden" is an Hebrew word for "where God dwells" so the first thing God gave man was "His Presence". So the first thing a man needs is NOT a woman, it is the presence of God, and a woman should meet him in the presence of God. 

Eve met Adam in Eden. Some women amaze me, they leave the presence of God, go outside to find a man and then try to drag him back into the presence of God. 

The next thing God gave man in after putting him in the Garden was WORK. (Gen 2:15) God gave man work before woman. That means a man needs a job before he gets a woman. God's priorities are very clear.

The third thing God told man was "Cultivate"...... Cultivate here means, bring out the best in everything around you, to maximize the potentials of everything and everyone around you, To make everything fruitful. He only said that to the male. That's why God will never give a man a finished woman. The male was created by God to create what he wants. 

The woman you are looking for doesn't exist, she's in your head. Your job is to take the raw material you married and cultivate her into the woman in your head. So you have been married for 20years and you still don't like the product you get, that's your fault. If your wife is putting a little weight and you don't like that, don't criticize her, it's your job to wake her at 6am, "Hey baby, let's go jogging." You don't like her dress, take her to a boutique and buy her cloths you like. She can't speak good English? Send her to school and pay her tuition fee. CULTIVATE HER!!!!

The fourth thing God said to man, he said "Guard the Garden". The man has to be the protector of everything under his care. That's why God gave you a stronger bone frame. A bigger muscle mass, not to abuse the woman, but to protect the woman.

The last thing God gave man was his Word... God told man not to touch the tree, God never told the woman about the tree, NEVER!!!..... Which means it was the man WHO received the word of God and his job was to teach his wife the word of God. Nothing frustrates a woman like when she asks her man "So what do you think" and the dummy answers "what ever you think is OK"..... Don't do that bro, don't do that. She's looking for knowledge and direction.

That was the last command God gave to man in Verse 17, Now watch this, in verse 18, God said, "It is not good for this man to be alone" now, don't just read the statement fast, read it again slowly " it is not good for THIS MAN to be alone" WHAT MAN???

The man who is 
*In his presence
*Has a job (working)
*Can Cultivate you
*Can protect you
*Can teach you

So here's the problem, if you meet a man who doesn't like His presence, isn't working, can't cultivate you, can't protect you and can't teach you then IT IS GOOD FOR THAT MAN TO BE ALONE....
*Myles Monroe*
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