Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Woman crush wednesday, Queen Amanirenas of Ethiopia! #WCW

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These days, it looks like it is a mystery for a woman to take over an administrative post. Whether governor, President or chief, but right back in the times before Christ, there were women who led historic military battles as Queens. One of them is the late Queen Amanirenas of Ethiopia.

Her full name and title was Amnirense qore li kdwe li ("Ameniras, Qore and Kandake").

She reigned from about 40 BCE to 10 BCE. She is one of the most famous Queens, because of her role leading Kushite armies against the Romans in a war that lasted five years, from 27 BCE to 22 BCE. 

Amanirenas was described as brave, and blind in one eye, blindness she incurred in battle.

She was a woman, and she was a warrior, a traditional ruler, a wife, a mother among other things. If she could do all this back when women were considered weaklings, then we all can do better and bigger in this generation!

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