Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Some tips on how to empower yourself as a girl/woman!

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Some people mystify the phrase 'Empowered woman.' They use it to describe rich and successful women who don't care about men. Meanwhile that is so false. An empowered woman is one who knows her worth and who is ready to live in her reality the best way possible, by being useful to herself, her family and those she comes across. That should be a beta girl's definition of an empowered woman. Here are some tips on how to be an empowered woman:

-Acknowledge who you are, your roots, where you come from, and what values you hold dear and be proud of them.

-Know yourself

-Respect yourself, when you have genuine respect for yourself you will stay away from activities that would dishonor you.

-Develop education. Education is not only in the classroom, but even life educates us through experiences. Let your experiences serve as a channel of education, awareness and empowerment.

-Develop life skills, that is skills in communication and financial management. Know how to talk to people and communicate your ideas effectively. Know how to manage your finances optimally, by prioritizing expenditure for needs before wants.

-Have a career expectation, work and develop skills that would contribute in achieving it

-Develop a certain emotional intelligence that would lead you to keep the right company of people around you.

-Develop and nurture quality social skills and public gestures.

-Don't be timid towards life and achieving your dreams. Be courageous, take bold steps and walk towards achieving them.
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