Thursday, 17 November 2016

I bet you didn't know this about your nails!

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Our nails are a functional part of our beauty and our bodies, but how much do we know about nails? Nails are non-living. They are dead cells. This is how they are made:

The tissue beneath the nail is called the matrix. It contains nerves and blood vessels. When the matrix cells die they become the nail plate. New nail plate cells are made when more matrix cells die, and they push older the nail plate cells forward; and in this way older cells become compressed, flat, and translucent. This nail plate is what we see and call our nails.
The matrix will continue to grow as long as it receives nutrition and remains healthy, hence our nails will continue to grow as well. Hormones have been found to affect the growth of the matrix and the growth of our nails. Pregnant women usually experience very rapid nail growth.

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