Saturday, 26 November 2016

How to cook vegetable sauce!

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There are several different ways of cooking sauce, but this is one of the best methods. Try this and live healthy!

*      -Tomatoes
*      -Cucumber
*     - Carrot
*      -Meat
*      -Garlic and ginger
*      -Green spices
*      -Onion
*      -Plantain/ rice
*      -Meat (cow, trotters)

-Blend your tomatoes while boiling your meat with onion, maggi and some salt
-Boil the tomatoes with a pinch of salt, maggi and pepper until extremely dry
-Add the water from the boiled meat, with the meat itself into the dry tomato and stir
-Add extra water if possible. It shouldn’t be so thick, then allow to boil
-Taste if everything is ok, if not add what is lacking
When it’s almost ready(dry), put the sliced cucumber and carrot into the pot together with the ground garlic and ginger, sliced onion and green spices
-Stir and add some vegetable oil

You can serve this with boiled rice, boiled plantains or fried plantains.

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