Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Can a girl be raped by her husband?

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We are in the 16 day activism period to create awareness and stop violence against women. One of the violent acts against women is rape. Rape is non-consensual sex. That is; vaginal, oral and anal intercourse to which a person did not agree.

So if your lover, boyfriend, or spouse, forces his penis into your vagina, mouth or anus, when you told him not to, or weren't willing to let him penetrate you, then he has raped you. Rape usually involves force. The rapist, usually uses force to penetrate his victim.

So, yes, a girl can be raped by her husband. Some girls even get raped by their boyfriends. Such attitude prevails because most times it is labeled as 'normal.'

Beta Girls, it is not normal for your 'boyfriend' or husband to have any form of sex with you if you don't agree to it. Any man who does that to you does not respect you, is violent, and should be treated a such.

If you are in such a relationship, need help and don't know what to do, feel free to send us an email via with a team of experts , we will give you all the help you need!

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