Friday, 25 November 2016

Are all the people you call 'friend', indeed your friends? Here is how to know!

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Many of us easily use the word 'friend' to connote people we know. Sometimes because you attended the same school, or know the same people, but it takes more than that for you to call somebody your friend. Here are 10 ways to know your friends:

1-When they call you after a long time, it would be to ask you how you are doing, not to vehemently blame you for not calling them.

2-Your friends are people you are not afraid to call to lend you money. If you don't feel comfortable to ask somebody for help, then that person is not your friend.

3-Your friends will not insult you when you have a disagreement or misunderstanding. When somebody effortlessly ridicules or insults you when you have disagreements or misunderstandings with them, then they are not your friend.

4-Your friends will relentlessly either offer solutions to your problems, or join you to look for solutions to your problems.

5-Someone whom you can trust to tell even your mistakes and things you have done, that you are not proud of.

6-Someone who can disagree with you, but will not judge you and deliberately hurt you.

7-Someone who will apologize for wronging you and make efforts to gain your forgiveness

8-Someone who's company you enjoy

9-Someone who is sad when you are sad, and who will rejoice with you when you are happy.

10-Someone in who's presence you don't feel the need to pretend.

Depending on how good a friend is, then they can be your best friend, or close friend, or closest friend...Also, don't expect to have good friends, when you are not yourself a good friend.
nonetheless, be careful, who you call your friend, because your friends affect your happiness.
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