Monday, 7 November 2016

7 ways to relieve stress and depression!

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Life is not a bed of roses, and as much as the gift of life is a blessing, it doesn't come on a smooth road. Sometimes there are hills, sometimes valleys, which require extra emotional, psychological and physical strength to overcome. To be able to always thrive and live a peaceful life we should be able to eliminate extra stress; stress that we can avoid. Here are 7 tips in relieving stress:

1-Avoid negativity. What you allow in your life is what would reign. Avoid negative people. Learn to love from a distance, don't let people who constantly hurt you with their words or actions into your space. Avoid them.

2-Be true to yourself. All the things you do for others that weigh on you and that you don't want to keep doing, stop doing! Learn to say "No" when deep in your heart you want to say "No." 

3-Stay away from people who have a tendency to bring out the worst in you. Spend more time with people who bring out the best in you.  

4-Learn to live from your heart. Let everything you do come from your heart, when you do things from within, they would make you happy. 

5-Listen to soulful and inspirational music. The ear is one of the many outlets in the human body, and what you let in, has a huge role to play in your emotional health. Spend more time listening to soulful and inspirational music. 

6-Talk calmly to yourself. You don't necessarily have to talk out loud, you can do so with your mind and spirit. Take long walks, they would give you time to reflect. 

7-Laugh. Watch your favorite comedy skit, talk to friends with whom you share the same sense of humor and just laugh!
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